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Two weeks in one   3 comments

Many many moons ago it was Monday the 13th of May. I had just broken my toe and everyone said I mustn’t run on it and that I would be out of action for six weeks so I thought I’d give it a test by running to drop off my key to the cat feeder. Thank goodness I did as it turned out to be fine. Completely fine. I don’t understand how but it was.

All style but no substance

So off I went to track. I thought the toe may not like the faster pace or cornering but once again not a peep. The session was 800, 30s, 4 x 300 (100 jog) 2 minute walk x 3. It was so long ago now I can’t remember if I was any good. I think possibly not.

On Tuesday I didn’t do anything and hummed and haaaa’d about going to Tom’s session on the evening. I decided to but it was the wrong decision. I managed one (of 4) of the 2500m reps at a slow pace, dragged myself round another then gave up as I was too slow and useless. However as I passed Brigitte’s group on the way home I stopped for a bit and discovered they were doing 6 x 2 minutes fast. I gatecrashed the last three to make me feel like I’d done something.

Wednesday was long run day. I started out slowly and got slower and then MIGRAINE. Thankfully I only had 1.5 miles to go which I had to run with major holes in my vision. It was awful and I knew I’d have to go straight to bed when I got home and would have to face being sick with nothing at all in my stomach. It explained why I’d been so bad at running on Monday and Tuesday though. This also explains why I didn’t write a post pre-holiday as I was still suffering badly from migraine hangover.

I didn’t go to pump on Thursday but did try ping pong. I wasn’t as bad as I thought even though I couldn’t see and kept having to sit down.

I rested on Friday as I knew I HAD to be alive enough to endure 5 hours in a minibus on Saturday as it was time for the Arena running holiday. I still couldn’t read so it was a long and horrible day.

Thankfully I was ok on Saturday and managed the minibus journey. I still felt weird and couldn’t see properly. Everything was still disjointed and weird. It’s still not right now so I’m going to do a quick recap of the holiday in photos.

Cats, massive hills, a reservoir or 3, Brixham harbour arm tempo and sprints on the fort path = 52 holiday miles. Not enough time to do an excellent mountain bike trail. I think I should become a mountain biker as I much preferred it to the running.

Another perfect weather week.

Tried to do parkrun on my return. It could have gone either way. Died. Sub 20 effort for 24 minutes.

If I can ever see properly again I’ll write you a proper post. Until then I’ll bid you adieu.

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Life is a rollercoaster… SHUT UP!   Leave a comment

Things started, as they so often do, with Monday evening track. Oh wait, no they didn’t! It was a bank holiday so I went to track in the morning instead and continued my mile pace training with 5 x 500m @ 1.52 (6mm pace – 2 min recovery). I just about managed it but it was a lot colder and windier than my 400s version a few weeks earlier and this was off the back of a 13 miler on Sunday so I was still reasonably pleased. I wanted to do a mile time trial too which I did but it was rubbish. Left too long a gap, got in the way of the sprinters, there were children. Meh.

On Tuesday I continued my new regime of proper long runs with another 13 miler. I managed to chafe the tops of my ears and anger my longest toes but otherwise nothing to report.

As I actually did a decent long run on Tuesday I decided to only do vibe on Wednesday. The only trouble with not running in the morning is that it’s impossible not to kill oneself in vibe (though quite a lot of the other participants don’t seem to have this problem).

Thursday was once more the double of PUMPPING. Bodypump followed immediately by ping pong. Why must the best things always be at the same time? We are all a lot better at ping pong now. Neal was even able to break out his proper spin shots. A great mix of skill and no skill. I actually laughed until I cried which is a very rare occurrence indeed.

On Friday I knew I needed to run off the LSR/vibe/pump DOMS (my poor ruined legs). I did 2 x 8 minutes effort (thanks coach). So destroyed from pump but by the second effort section I could just about move and was just about ok with just sneaking under 7mm pace. These sessions are for effort practice so I mustn’t be too concerned with the pace as long as I know I tried properly throughout and focused on form.

It was the Arena parkrun series trip to Bevendean on Saturday but I’d already decided not to go as I wanted to test out my pace on a flat course and the wind looked kind enough for prom.

8am Saturday I was going about my usual routine. Drinking tea, getting dressed BREAKING MY TOE ON THE BATHROOM DOOR. I went to parkrun anyway in denial. Forgot my barcode. Had to wear my biggest shoes to get my toe in which ruined my colour coordination. So very annoyed with self. I still ran as fast as I have recently (not very). I had hoped to be faster but cornering was difficult so I had to adopt a sort of hop shuffle.

No action shot (possibly because no action)

I had planned to do another long run today (Sunday) to reach 40 miles for the week and the start of my 98357th comeback but the toe had really blossomed so I didn’t. *insert paragraphs of rue and swearing here*

Perfect timing to ruin vets league and the Arena running holiday.

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Surprisingly I did some running   Leave a comment

Aren’t you bored of me yet? I certainly am. Anyway I did some more running so here it is.

A normal track session this week, sandwiched between bank holidays. It sounded terrible when Jenny said it would be 9 x 700 metres but actually it was fine. The 700 was broken into 400 tempo with 300 quicker, with a 100 walk before setting off again. It was a good session and I managed to keep in the vicinity of Tristan. Paul was back after a long injury layoff so also ran with us for the first 5 reps before retiring sensibly.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run at a slightly faster pace than I have been. It morphed into a progressive tempo-ish effort 8 miles. Pleasing as I wouldn’t have thought I could do that at present.

I discovered Bryan wasn’t doing vibe on Wednesday so took the opportunity to have a rest day.

Thursday was a day for no running but much cross training. Paul had organised an off-week table tennis session and kindly started it half an hour later so I could fit in bodypump beforehand. Sod’s Law means my two favourite things of the week are on at exactly the same time but this minor alteration means I can do Rick pump then dash over to ping ping and only miss the first 15 minutes or so. However it also means I am utterly broken and can hardly move my squat-ravaged legs nor lift the bat. Naturally this makes absolutely no difference to my mad skillz. This time I managed to hit the ball over the bar and shocked a poor woman chopping onions in the kitchen when I went to retrieve it. Having crammed everything into a few hours I then did nothing until Friday where I did a small pre-parkrun loosener of 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes effort, 10 minutes easy. It was terrible but that’s what it’s for. Best to get it out before parkrun rather than during.

Val offered me a lift to Lancing, which I hadn’t done before, and as it was reasonably windy I thought it was a good time to give it a go. It starts with a brief back and forth on some lumpy grass but then goes up onto the path and out towards Shoreham. It was quite windy but I thought it would be ok as the wind would be behind when we turned. It was not. However I stuck with the plan I had developed at the beginning which was to attempt to catch a woman in blue who was 20 or so metres ahead. I only caught her with around 150 to go but mission accomplished. I was pleased with the run even though the time was mediocre at best. I’m blaming the grass and bi-directional headwind (nothing to do with my woeful lack of proper long runs). I even helped Val do the token sorting afterwards and managed not to knock the tokens all over the cafe. A successful morning’s work.

Today (Sunday) I finally addressed the aforementioned woeful lack of proper long runs and did 13 miles in the seafront in solidarity with Val who was doing the somewhat more challenging Three Forts half. I must now continue with these proper long runs and regain my 2013 speeds.

A much better 35 miles for the week. The minimum weekly mileage line (set at 30) in my running diary was finally breached.

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