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Aren’t you bored of me yet? I certainly am. Anyway I did some more running so here it is.

A normal track session this week, sandwiched between bank holidays. It sounded terrible when Jenny said it would be 9 x 700 metres but actually it was fine. The 700 was broken into 400 tempo with 300 quicker, with a 100 walk before setting off again. It was a good session and I managed to keep in the vicinity of Tristan. Paul was back after a long injury layoff so also ran with us for the first 5 reps before retiring sensibly.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run at a slightly faster pace than I have been. It morphed into a progressive tempo-ish effort 8 miles. Pleasing as I wouldn’t have thought I could do that at present.

I discovered Bryan wasn’t doing vibe on Wednesday so took the opportunity to have a rest day.

Thursday was a day for no running but much cross training. Paul had organised an off-week table tennis session and kindly started it half an hour later so I could fit in bodypump beforehand. Sod’s Law means my two favourite things of the week are on at exactly the same time but this minor alteration means I can do Rick pump then dash over to ping ping and only miss the first 15 minutes or so. However it also means I am utterly broken and can hardly move my squat-ravaged legs nor lift the bat. Naturally this makes absolutely no difference to my mad skillz. This time I managed to hit the ball over the bar and shocked a poor woman chopping onions in the kitchen when I went to retrieve it. Having crammed everything into a few hours I then did nothing until Friday where I did a small pre-parkrun loosener of 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes effort, 10 minutes easy. It was terrible but that’s what it’s for. Best to get it out before parkrun rather than during.

Val offered me a lift to Lancing, which I hadn’t done before, and as it was reasonably windy I thought it was a good time to give it a go. It starts with a brief back and forth on some lumpy grass but then goes up onto the path and out towards Shoreham. It was quite windy but I thought it would be ok as the wind would be behind when we turned. It was not. However I stuck with the plan I had developed at the beginning which was to attempt to catch a woman in blue who was 20 or so metres ahead. I only caught her with around 150 to go but mission accomplished. I was pleased with the run even though the time was mediocre at best. I’m blaming the grass and bi-directional headwind (nothing to do with my woeful lack of proper long runs). I even helped Val do the token sorting afterwards and managed not to knock the tokens all over the cafe. A successful morning’s work.

Today (Sunday) I finally addressed the aforementioned woeful lack of proper long runs and did 13 miles in the seafront in solidarity with Val who was doing the somewhat more challenging Three Forts half. I must now continue with these proper long runs and regain my 2013 speeds.

A much better 35 miles for the week. The minimum weekly mileage line (set at 30) in my running diary was finally breached.

Posted 05/05/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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