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Many many moons ago it was Monday the 13th of May. I had just broken my toe and everyone said I mustn’t run on it and that I would be out of action for six weeks so I thought I’d give it a test by running to drop off my key to the cat feeder. Thank goodness I did as it turned out to be fine. Completely fine. I don’t understand how but it was.

All style but no substance

So off I went to track. I thought the toe may not like the faster pace or cornering but once again not a peep. The session was 800, 30s, 4 x 300 (100 jog) 2 minute walk x 3. It was so long ago now I can’t remember if I was any good. I think possibly not.

On Tuesday I didn’t do anything and hummed and haaaa’d about going to Tom’s session on the evening. I decided to but it was the wrong decision. I managed one (of 4) of the 2500m reps at a slow pace, dragged myself round another then gave up as I was too slow and useless. However as I passed Brigitte’s group on the way home I stopped for a bit and discovered they were doing 6 x 2 minutes fast. I gatecrashed the last three to make me feel like I’d done something.

Wednesday was long run day. I started out slowly and got slower and then MIGRAINE. Thankfully I only had 1.5 miles to go which I had to run with major holes in my vision. It was awful and I knew I’d have to go straight to bed when I got home and would have to face being sick with nothing at all in my stomach. It explained why I’d been so bad at running on Monday and Tuesday though. This also explains why I didn’t write a post pre-holiday as I was still suffering badly from migraine hangover.

I didn’t go to pump on Thursday but did try ping pong. I wasn’t as bad as I thought even though I couldn’t see and kept having to sit down.

I rested on Friday as I knew I HAD to be alive enough to endure 5 hours in a minibus on Saturday as it was time for the Arena running holiday. I still couldn’t read so it was a long and horrible day.

Thankfully I was ok on Saturday and managed the minibus journey. I still felt weird and couldn’t see properly. Everything was still disjointed and weird. It’s still not right now so I’m going to do a quick recap of the holiday in photos.

Cats, massive hills, a reservoir or 3, Brixham harbour arm tempo and sprints on the fort path = 52 holiday miles. Not enough time to do an excellent mountain bike trail. I think I should become a mountain biker as I much preferred it to the running.

Another perfect weather week.

Tried to do parkrun on my return. It could have gone either way. Died. Sub 20 effort for 24 minutes.

If I can ever see properly again I’ll write you a proper post. Until then I’ll bid you adieu.

Posted 26/05/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

3 responses to “Two weeks in one

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  1. thank you for restoring my sunday – get well soonly with vision restored

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  2. really lovely to see you’re back running again – doesn’t matter how or why – just wishing you well


  3. just a short hi – your blog, wit & stories are missed – just hope you are keeping well – take care of you


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