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Hello, I’m Isobel. I have been running since mid 2007. At school I was a good sprinter and reached the heady heights of County 200m Champion in 1992 when I was 14. I then did the usual; went to University (Sussex 1998 – 2000), drank loads, ate badly, got fat, finished university, got fed up with fatness and finally found myself a “long distance” runner. I now train around 6 times a week and run for Arena 80 AC.

My pbs are:

5k – 19.35 at Hove Park parkrun (or 19.30 if I can count the first 5k of Worthing 10k) in 2013.

10k – 39.45 at Worthing 10k 2013.

10 miles – 1.10.50 Hayward’s Heath 2013.

Half marathon – 1.29.06 Brighton 2015.

Posted 15/07/2012 by Isobel Muir

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  1. Hi Isobel! Really like your blog, it looks soo packed with interesting things to read, mine it’s still in it’s early naked stages. Congratulations on the 5k PB, I’ve only just gone under 30mins at my local park run, need to work more to get it under 20 minutes


    • Hello!

      Thanks very much. Glad you are having the same bum problem. Well not glad, but you know what I mean! It is really annoying and painful. I’ve started trying to actually do my stretches but at the moment it is painful whenever I run. I’m not letting it stop me though!

      The trick to getting faster in 5 and 10k is going long and slow at least twice a week. Well this has definitely worked for me. Good luck in attaining sub 20.



  2. Hi Isobel, I have read your blog with interest, please can you give me the contact details for the Kettlebell class in Bexhill as I fancy giving it a go. Thanks, Jesse


    • Hello, thank you for your interest in my blog. I’m sorry if I have written something misleading but I actaully do my kettlebell class in Brighton at Alive Fitness and Natural Health gym. I’m sure you could find a kettlebell class in your area though! Good luck. They are definitely an excellent work out for the core and hamstrings.



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