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Just deleted MY ENTIRE POST by accident! Arg! Sums up the week really.

Monday – unspeakable.

Tuesday was too windy so I got the train to West Worthing and ran back wind assisted.

This caused me to be very tired on Wednesday so I just went for an easy walk in the morning where I became caught up in a ladies Nordic walk on the seafront. I extricated myself by walking home on the pavement rather than the prom. How dare people exercise in my way? I went to Express Vibe in the evening so I only died for half an hour rather than 45 minutes. I had to go on a different bike! How dare someone be on MY bike. Thank goodness I’m a cool and laid back sort so it wasn’t at all traumatic. I decided to go on the whoopers side as it was emptier. I even swapped row and number of bikes from the side. Actually maybe not the last one…

I tried to run on Thursday morning but there were too many people in the way and I was too tired so it wasn’t very successful. Who says running is calming? I hoped Bodypump™️ would help in the evening as there are some tracks that fit the exercises so well it is very satisfying and calming. Alas there were none today.

Rest/walk on Friday.

On Saturday I went over to Preston Park for parkrun as I haven’t been there for ages and I’m fed up of the seafront and it’s windy ways. I even did a two mile warm up. I was in a severe black mood and felt a pw on the cards but Rob offered to come back and run with me after a super speedy start as is his wont. He had to basically stop running as I was moving so slowly I’d never have caught him up otherwise.

This is actually a video playing at triple speed (thanks Liz)

Rob managed to snap me out of the sea of despond and I finally managed to get running with a k or so to go. We passed John so I thought he must have been having a very easy week as I was hardly moving. Rob had decided there was a woman ahead who I must beat as she’d been coming back past me throughout. Because I have no confidence and can easily be psyched out I waiting until there was only about 500m to go before gliding past her. When she caught me back up by the base of the hill I zoomed off. Bye! Rob, Val and I all guessed I’d probably done about 24 minutes such was my obviously snail paced running. John’s run appeared on Strava not much later and was 22.34 so we decided his Strava must have gone utterly mental as I definitely finished in front of him yet was running no faster than the deceased. I was actually shocked when my official time came through as 22.22. What the flaming hades!!! That’s faster than KHC and other 5ks where I’ve tried REALLY hard and today I was totally and utterly useless. I still don’t understand. I must have been in some kind of parallel universe.

Today (Sunday) I went for another long run as these are (unfortunately) what I need to have any hope of being good (and I’ve stupidly signed up for the Bright10 which is TOO SOON). It was rather windy and my secret speediness yesterday meant I was quite tired.

35 miles for the week.


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I meant to start the weak with an LSR but after last week’s races and reps overdose I was too knackered and only managed 6 very slow miles. Of course I still,went to track in the evening and that was ok. 7 x 800 starting with 700 steady, 100 fast all the way up to 100 steady, 700 fast. I was quite pleased with this on tired legs.


In preparation to be brilliant at the ubiquitous 3 x 9 minutes on Wednesday. I was not. I was still utterly knackered and it was terrible. Thank goodness there was express Bryan in the evening to cheer me up! My poor quads though. Jeeez.

I did nothing on Thursday morning in a vain and ultimately far too little too late attempt to become unknackered. Any benefit of which was immediately lost when I went to my first pump in 18 days as Rick now has his own classes! One is on Wednesday evening at 8.15. What! That’s practically bedtime. Thankfully his Thursday one is at the perfectly acceptable time of 5.30. 18 days is too much of a gap. It wasn’t the full death as experienced on ones first ever pump but I did have to walk home in the road as I couldn’t lift my feet high enough to keep walking up and down kerbs.

I rested on Friday and Saturday (though I added a 4 mile walk both days as I think this is much better than my usual do-absolutely-nothing rest days which just make everything stiffen up).

Today (Sunday) I did Hellingly 10k.

Hillingly more like

I proved that bodypump and vibe use all ones uphill running muscles.

Thanks to Dan for this photo of me “ambling” over the line (and for waiting to give me a lift home even though I was TEN MINUTES slower than him)

At least I ran a bit of ok on the downhill and as I was watchless I’ll never know how truly slow the “fast” downhill bit was even though it felt good. Although this was pretty terrible I know it was due to ruined legs as I was good last week on my mile rep marathon so all hope isn’t lost.

A measly 23 miles for the week.

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As it was the last August bank holiday it was King’s Head Canter time! I like this race, though I haven’t done it for a while, as I haven’t anything. It’s a point to point almost-5k. This time we parked at the finish and walked over the field to the start. Luckily the weather was acceptable for field yomping, though we did get soggy feet from the wet grass. Somehow the race felt nice and short. Probably because I was running properly which I haven’t been able to do for ages. I ran watchless. I finished in 22.38 which isn’t particularly good but about what I’d do for a parkrun at present. Threw in a sprint finish because that’s the best part.

Thank you for Jim Holden for the photo

Later I discovered the elevation profile and felt a bit better about my time.

I didn’t notice this continuous uphill at all at the time

On Tuesday I abandoned my planned evening bodypump class as I saw Tom’s session had moved back to the seafront and it was mile reps and the weather was perfect. I thought I’d just do 4 reps. When I arrived I discovered the reps would be held over 2 x 3 mile loops. So I was in for all 6 (3 would have been too few even for me). I was extremely surprised to discover when I got home (I just have my watch on clock time when running so I didn’t put myself off) that all the reps (bar rep 4 which was a headwind the whole way when I was already tired) were approximately 6.40 pace! What the heck! Following Tristan’s foamy knees was obviously helpful. I’m very glad I ditched pump (Rick isn’t back until next week anyway) and discovered I’m not as awful as I feared.

Wednesday was Magic Mile time. I had decided to do both miles again as a mini rep session (before I did Tom’s maxi rep session). I was watchless for this. I was pleased with my first mile (slower runners) and was hoping I’d be able to do 6.30 if all went well. Which it did. Rob ran the last 300 or so metres with me (I asked him to) although this time I was focused and determined so could have done ok on my own.

Rob peeling off before the finish, my right foot trying to go with him (thanks Joel for the photos)

Usually I have a nice long rest before the second mile as there are some 12+ minuters but there were none today so a mere 5 minutes (guesstimate) it was time for the second mile (fast group)! Arg! I was so not recovered. I felt like I took around 17 hours tomrun the second mile. Oh well, I was pleased with my first mile and I had tried in the second so I couldn’t be too disappointed. The results were already out when I got home (another reason not to bother with a watch). 6.27 for the first mile! Target achieved. (Also I remembered I’d been scuppered by dogs around the 1k mark and had to almost stop for fear of tripping over them.) Yet a greater shock was to come. 6.49 for the second mile (and a solid last place)! Obviously that isn’t very fast but I truly believed that it was well over 7 minutes. A pleasing evening especially after the unplanned 6 x 1 mile the night before.

On Thursday I could finally go back to Bryan after having missed his class last week due to the evil migraine of doom. Obviously I loved it even though I’d already killed myself off within 10 minutes in the standard fashion.

Because I’m still struggling a little with being sensible I decided to do a long run on Friday. I should perhaps have done it on Saturday, or not at all. Anyway it was going ok until I hit the wall at 7 miles and then had to run the last two miles back into the wind and ground to a halt.

I did rest on Saturday as I had Fittleworth 5 to look forward to on Sunday (today).

Rob found this elevation profile for me on Strava (hence it being in kilometres). This was good as I knew after that horrid hill everything else would seem minor in comparison (I hoped). I had read the instructions this time (after the Highdown Hike debacle) so I knew which way the start went so made sure I was near the front as it was very narrow and those towards the back must have taken minutes to cross the start line. It was a very hot day and a lot of the race was very narrow and overtaking was difficult. I had a few moments of road rage when people kept jostling into me and treading on the back of my shoes but I managed to remain mostly calm and was pleased with my focus and effort throughout. I was actually shocked at how bad my average pace was when I looked on Strava later but never mind as it’s the effort I want to be good at the moment, hopefully the speed will come. Also my legs were ruined after basically racing solidly all week + vibe which I’ve only just remembered writing this.

Only 26 miles for the week but mostly race effort. Next week should be more sensible (she says hopefully…).

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After doing far too much last week it was inevitable that I’d make myself ill. Though on the plus side it means I don’t have to write as much this week.

It all started as normal with bodypump on Monday morning. This was the last one with Rick, who has just been covering for the last month or so. However, good news! Such is his greatness he will have two of his own classes starting in September. So only one week to get through Rickless. (I’ll go to the Tuesday evening class next week as I know that instructor is acceptable.)

In the evening was (husky-free) track. The session was… deep breath… 3 x 900 with the last 100, 300 and 500 fast, then the same again within 700s and then 500s. I liked this session as the overall distances got shorter even though the fast bits stayed the same and the easier bits got shorter. Another pleasing track session.

Tuesday was a rest day as scheduled.

On Wednesday morning I opted for a long run over the recent track outings. My achilles isn’t happy with too much fast stuff and Wednesday is fast. So instead I did a solid 11 miles, looping on the seafront to avoid long stretches with/against the wind. I was surprised with my average pace. The long runs are paying off as it was easy enough to 8.30mm. In the evening I was supposed to be going to vibe express but just as I was putting my kit on I was struck by the immediate and unmistakable loss of vision in the bottom right of my right eye (actually my brain but that’s where it manifests itself) that means migraine. Straight off with the half kit I’d put on, into pyjamas and straight to bed. After the obligatory half an hour of not being able to see the spin kicked in. Thankfully the headache only reached approx 7/10 and I wasn’t sick but the cost was that it went on for flipping ever. Even when I finally fell asleep it was still going on as when I woke up in the morning it was still there, though the pain had subsided somewhat. No Tom’s track 5000 for me. For once I was actually looking forward to a race and felt like my training had been going quite well. Harrumph. I could do nothing as I was too dizzy and queasy so an enforced, and unpleasant, rest day. On Friday I still felt wrong so I couldn’t do anything then either.

Thankfully by Saturday I felt ok again so decided to make up for lost time with another long run whilst the weather was looking ok (the Sunday forecast didn’t bode well). The unplanned rest was obviously good for me (we all know this of course) and I breezed through another 11 miles in an even quicker average pace! A totally unexpected 8.17mm. Of course the fact that resting means I can run better will fall by the wayside and I’ll no doubt do too much again next week and pay the price by being too tired to do key runs properly.

29 miles for the week. Neatly encapsulated in three days.

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Not least because it means I have to type too much. However I have come up with a brilliant solution:

As I’ve only sworn once in this blog I’ve censored using virtual tippex

With the added bonus of you getting to see the behind the scenes backbone of this blog. I shall now expand on a few of the sessions that warrant it.

Monday was the penultimate pump with Rick. He has been my favourite and now I’ll have to change my routine and pump with someone not as good. Boo. In the evening it was off to track as usual. Before the session started there was a moment of terror when a wolf/husky emerged from the woods opposite and strolled casually across the track, up the stairs I was standing on, and onwards up the fire escape steps to the gym roof.

Like this with piercing blue eyes

Thankfully it seemed quite old and very docile. By the time the session started it had disappeared back from whence it came. I don’t know if it was because of this but this was the best session I’ve done for years! I accidentally did a 100 jog instead of a 30s recovery on the last set so ended up 100 metres further on which caused momentary confusion.

I went to the evening Express Vibe (half an hour rather than 45 minutes) on Wednesday as it was the Adur Challenge on Thursday and it’s impossible to run after spin. I managed to kill myself off as much as ever even in only half an hour.

I meant to do an easy run on Thursday morning but it was too windy and wet so I didn’t. Then it was time for the Adur Challenge. The weather had cleared up kindly so very pleasant for running. This race is an Arena only handicap of 6 miles. Tara is in charge of the handicapping. No one knows their start time or handicap in advance. I was watchless and just wanted to run properly. I did! I guessed I’d do about 45 minutes (as it’s only 6 miles not 10k). I later discovered Tara had predicted my time as 45 minutes and I ran 45.15. Skillz.

Thanks to Trevor, Danny and Colin for the photos

I tried to do a long run on Friday but was too knackered.

Saturday was too windy and I was absolutely ruined from Monday and Thursday so parkrun became a tempo with the wind behind with a slogjog into the wind.

Today (Sunday) it was also stupidly windy but I went out nonetheless with Danny (and Mike). I thought I’d be truly awful but running into the wind isn’t so hard with company and I managed 10 miles. Danny continued on for 14 miles but I think that would have killed me.

37 miles for the week.

Next week I MUST do less. I’ve pencilled in two days rest so let’s see if I can stick to it this time.

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Gordon Bennett (he lived at the end of my road when I was a child), why do I do so much as it means I have to type so much (one fingered).

Monday morning, bodypump as usual. I still can’t kneel on my right knee nor (oh, a police car!) lean on my right elbow so I had to adjust a few things but there were a lot of chest, pecs and bicep exercises which remain unaffected. The fire alarm was going off but we couldn’t hear it (one of the traditional philosophical questions modernised).

In the evening I went to track and tweaked the session slightly to 6 x 1k (200 jog, 300 fast, 100 walk, 400 fast). It was ok.

I was somewhat destroyed on Tuesday so did a very very slow 7 in preparation for Wednesday.

Which was a track session specifically tailored by Paul for Paul in readiness for his world age group 800. 2 x 300, 400, 2 x 200. Rob was there too. I couldn’t keep with either of them but tried to stay strong and concentrate on my form. I asked Rob to take a photo for me to use on here and it’s the worst photo ever. He may be a good running partner but I shall never ask him to take a photo again.

I refuse to believe I am this flat, fat and wide in real life

This is supposed to be a gif of me morphing into Chris Packham but I don’t suppose it works here

In the evening I went out for another run. 5 miles as fast/slow as I wanted.

On Thursday it was back to a proper vibe cycle class with Bryan. The class was quite full and solely populated by fit people. Because Bryan’s class is the BEST.

I rested on Friday.

On Saturday I decided to run to Hove prom for parkrun but alas I had a massive stomach ache when I tried to run fast (a too green banana too close to the start I think). However it was a solid 7 miles altogether and as I ran back with Timmy (and pushchair) I probably did the last 2 miles faster than I would have on my own.

This morning (Sunday) I dragged a poor, hungover, Danny, Trevor, Mark and Mike over here for a flat seafront run. It was quite pleasant (maybe not so much for Danny) and, yet again, I didn’t fall over. 8.30 pace for 10 miles is feeling doable again. I got a massive stitch on the way back so Trevor felt he couldn’t talk any more but I don’t mind him talking I just couldn’t answer.

Looking good post-run

36 miles for the week.

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Jeez why have I done so much? Nobody can be bothered to type that much.

Monday began with pump again. Nothing much to report. I still can’t kneel but most things were doable. I got to track very early and ended up doing a two mile warm up which then meant I couldn’t finish the proper session. I have about 5 miles of track in me at any given time and I used too much up in the warm up this week. However I was pleased with the 6 x 800 (various paces within each 800) I did do as I felt strong and consistent throughout.

On Tuesday I went for an LSR but it was too windy so I only managed 9.2 miles. Better than the proverbial though.

It was back to track (Winehouse style) on Wednesday morning for a speed session. It was designed for Paul who is training for masters 800 but as this meant short reps I was happy to be involved. Rob was also there. A merry trio indeed. We started with a 200, 300, 400, 300, 200 pyramid followed by three times progressive 400s. I was quite a way behind Paul (Rob was invisible he was so far ahead) but from the times we were running (Paul had target times which he was near enough hitting) I was still acceptably fast (for now). In the evening I did the Highdown Hike. They’d changed the route since I last did it (maybe 7 years ago). We arrived at the start with minutes to spare and I started too far back so was forced to walk almost immediately as it’s so narrow you can only go at the speed of those ahead. Then we fully stopped at a narrow gap. Then everyone was walking up the hills so even though I was running I couldn’t go as fast as I wish. The fact that Strava removed 40 seconds of standing still when I uploaded it says it all. I put in a good finish as I hadn’t really been able to use much energy up ’til then.

I rested on Thursday.

Friday was another easy run. No killer breeze this time so a nice almost-7 in the sunshine. Around 8.30 minute miles which is promising as I couldn’t do anything long at more than 9.30 pace a few weeks ago.

I cycled over to Worthing on Saturday. I felt good in my run but it turned out to be much slower than I thought. Oh well. The effort was there.

Today (Sunday) I went out with Danny and his merry band of Sunday easy runners. I felt so much better than the last one of these I did. I even stayed upright! Today’s run was a nice, mainly flat, 10 mile route along the riverside, a loop of Steyning then back to the towpath. Very pleasant.

Happy runners after a successful run

42 miles for the week. Splendid.

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