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Once again the week started on Monday with track. A simple session of 8 x 800 with 1 minute recovery. Each rep was 500 tempo followed by 300 fast. A good session where I ran with Tristan. Well “with” might be a bit optimistic but he was within the vicinity.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run but only managed 7 miles due to general decrepitude.

Thus I didn’t do anything until vibe on Wednesday evening. I took it nice and easy … until the last track where I accidentally went mad and undid all my good work. Oops.

I compounded this by going to Rick’s pump class, which I haven’t been to for ages. I stuck to my new plan of going lighter for squats. This meant I did them much more properly (is that an acceptable sentence?) and they were utterly ruined. I loved it.

The weather was nice and hot and sunny on Friday so I took my ravaged quads out for a bit of a(n attempted) loosener. Arg! My legs haven’t been so ruined since I became pump years ago. Goes to show the value of an excellent teacher.

Mark had offered me a lift to Littlehampton for parkrun on Saturday. It is an excellent location for a parkrun, except it being so exposed that the northerly wind had nothing to stop it flaying us to death in both directions. Thankfully it wasn’t too freezing. I felt I ran well even though my time was slow. A combination of bi-directional headwind, absolutely mullered quads and the course being longer than my usuals. I returned to Hove and immediately felt like going running so off I set again into another hot, sunny day.

Today (Sunday) I rested as I hadn’t for about 11 days. Tsk.

Somehow still managed a just about acceptable 26 miles.

I know this is rather short and uninteresting but I’m feeling fine and looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.


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Finally, after weeks of sickness then a migraine, I felt better and ready to get some proper training under my belt. Propitiously track was a session perfectly tailored to me. (5x) 500f, 100j, 400f, 100j, 300f, 2 minutes. It was the best track session I’ve done for years and I felt like my old (2013) self again. Not as fast of course but I felt PROPER for the first time in many many years. A great start to the week.

On Tuesday I just did BODYPUMP™️. I’ve discovered the secret is to do squats with a lighter weight than you would naturally choose. They are still hard (because legs already knackered from running) but it means you can carry on running the day after whereas before they would be too destroyed to be able to do anything worthwhile for days.

I proved this by doing a hard treadmill session on Wednesday morning. What I am lacking most, other than speed endurance, is the strength of mind to keep pushing even when I think I can’t so that was what this session was for. 3 x 9 minutes at 6.45(ish) mile pace. It was just the right amount of hard. Possibly the first time I got my £7.20 worth.

In the evening I went to vibe. As I didn’t go the week before I went overboard with Bryan-love and destroyed myself but it was so worth it.

Thursday morning was the relaxing and splendid ping pong time.

Ping and indeed pong

In the evening I went to Tom’s prom session. It was 8 x 500. As I’d done a lot of proper stuff already earlier in the week I took it steady and just ran my future target 5k pace (back to sub 20 one day I hope). Kept it consistent over the reps and didn’t kill myself.

I rested on Friday.

On Saturday I wanted to try and do 21.30 at prom parkrun and hoped there would be someone pacing. Lo! I arrived to find TJ in the 22 pacer bib. Perfect! I planned to run with him to halfway then try to push on in the second half. Double perfection! Tristan “natural ultra runner” Sharp was there too and was happy to help me in the second half. I am pleased to report that it was a success! 21.27. Next stop 20.59.

Today (Sunday) was the BM10k. Let us never speak of it again.

Thanks Marc for making it look like I ran

25 miles for the week but a lot of good sessions. I think next week will be higher volume but lower intensity.

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On Monday. As usual. Steve had gone all imaginative with his session today.

Mind bending in the extreme

Basically we ran 400f, 400j continuously for 30 minutes. All my “fast” 400s were around 95 seconds. Not fast, but consistent so a success.

I went to BODYPUMP™️ on Tuesday. It was half term so was rammed. It was also a new release and everything nowadays has to contain everything so it had too much cardio. I just want pure strength like it used to be.

On Wednesday I went to #runantalk but it was just me and Brigitte. This was fine for me but poor Brigitte had full, undiluted Isoblabber for half an hour. Lucky her!

Thursday was ruined by a full on migraine. Absolute hell. Friday was also wiped out with recovery.

Thankfully I was alive enough to go to Christ’s Hospital Relays on Saturday and the two days of no running probably did my legs good. The course had changed for this year and was fully contained within the grounds. I really liked the new course and felt I ran well. Started sensibly, consistent pace throughout. I was in the over 40 C team on first leg so was pleased to get my bit out of the way first. Unfortunately the weather was horribly cold and windy so I couldn’t stay to watch the men’s races.

Today (Sunday) I went out for a long run with Rob. A pleasant way to round off the week. A slightly reduced mileage week due to the illness but in general things are ticking along nicely.

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I knew I’d be weak and feeble and not very good but felt that I could go back to running and just take it gently. The perfect introduction: a track session. 3 x (300e, 300t x 3) + 500e, 500t. 90s recovery. I ended up totally last. Not unexpected.

Due to my non-speediness on Monday I was able to do an acceptable 9 mile run on Tuesday.

As I was feeling a bit better and hadn’t been for 3 weeks I decided to go to BODYPUMP™️ on Wednesday morning but drop right down to my starter weights.

The green weights ended up being just for effect

Everything was fine I just felt weak. Because I am. Currently. In the evening I went back for vibe. It turned out to be Bryan’s birthday so we all got a Percy Pig on entry. Once again, gentle was the name of the game.

It was a ping pong Thursday with all the attendant hilarity. I managed to smash the ball into Sarah’s forehead. It left a red mark. Oh dear. There was a game of Round Robin as a change of scene but it made me feel really sea sick so I had to bail out. I took on filming duties instead.

In the evening I went to Tom’s session which was a manageable 8 x 600 metres. Following in Monday’s footsteps I was totally last on each rep but I managed to keep in the vicinity of Kev and Dave so it wasn’t too bad and I sped up (minutely) on each rep so kept them all sensible.

I rested fully on Friday.

On Saturday I was supposed to be going to Hove Park for parkrun but the weather was perfect for the prom and I forgot how much I dislike Hove Park so I defected to the prom. The weather was indeed nice. Warm and not too windy. Alas I had a stitch of doom so was useless. Nice weather for tea drinking though.

A few steps in and all was well…

Today (Sunday) I wanted to do a long run but it turned out I still had the stitch coupled with general feebleness and a freezing, strong, northerly wind. Hopefully soon I can get back to proper eating and can catch up on the weeks of minimal eating and become rotund and full of energy and great speeds.

Still managed 30 miles somehow.

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Illin’   Leave a comment

After my first double figure run for ages I decided to do an easy run on Monday morning to loosen my legs off ready for track. Instead I contracted the plague. I felt so sick when I got home. Perfect timing too as I’m having a new kitchen fitted so there was all kinds of banging going on and men trooping up and down the stairs and it was freezing as they had the front door open. No track session for me.

I did nothing and could eat nothing until Wednesday evening when I felt a little better so went and did a very gentle vibe.

On Thursday I did 8 miles and felt ok.

My new long run shoes arrived on Friday so I took them out for a test run. Unfortunately the lack of eating and general illness caught up with me again. I need to remember that just because it’s possible to run, it doesn’t mean I should run and feeling better (than death) doesn’t mean being well. Not a very good test of the shoes and a silly thing to do when I should have been trying to catch up on eating.

Even the shoes couldn’t save me from the ill

Tom had kindly offered (or rather Sarah had kindly offered Tom) to give me a lift to Worthing parkrun as it was finally wind free(ish). I knew I wouldn’t be much good as still pretty feeble and lacking in fuel. I wanted to give it a go though. I managed to put in consistent effort throughout but was very slow. I did however get to jog to and from with Tom and Sarah, whilst wearing a rucksack, so now know exactly what it’s like to be an ultra runner (1 mile each way, wearing a fleece). If anyone saw us they may I have thought I was 20 miles into a hundred miler. Then they’d realise anything over 8 miles seems like a ultra to me currently.

Today (Sunday) I wanted to see if it was possible to move faster than a snail. It was, but only just. At least I can eat again now (plain and preparable without the use of a kitchen) so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it properly next week.

Somehow I managed 30 miles for the week?

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As last week was so windy and I did so little running I hoped it would be less windy so I could get back on it properly. It was still stupidly windy! This did not deter me from track especially when I remembered Michele was taking the session and it was parlaufs as they are my favourite. I partnered with Rick, who is currently injured thus slow, so I could have a long rest and concentrate on doing my reps faster. We started with 500s then moved on to 300s, then back to 500s. However it turned out we were doing the wrong number of each as we’d been given the improvers session by accident so I decided to throw in some extras threes. I have no idea what I did but is was some 500s and some 300s. Whatever it was it was good and I enjoyed it as I always will with parlaufs.

Thanks Marc for the action shots

It was still windy as heck on Tuesday when I tried to go for an easy run. It wasn’t easy as the wind ground me to a halt on many occasions. I decided not to attempt this again on Wednesday and just went to vibe in the evening. I gave it a good thrashing as I hadn’t run since Tuesday morning.

Thursday was ping pong with bonus Tristan.

On Friday I tried the Pure Abs with Dave as it was being covered when I went last time. It was horrible! Too fast and stressful and I’m too bony and there’s too much shoulder. Dammit! No seagull eating pigeon this week though so that’s a plus.

Saturday was the Arena parkrun series on Hove Prom. It was also one of the windiest days known to man.

Ricky looks completely fine at the end of a 21 mile run. I do not and I’m 19 miles behind

Looking unamused as always

Today (Sunday) Rob and I went out on an old fashioned LSR. I haven’t run anything in double figures for ages and ended up doing over 11 miles. It was very slow and there was wind and hills but I managed and my hips didn’t die which they usually do if I do a long out of the blue. I credit the bodypump for this. Thanks! Now the wind looks to have calmed down I must get back onto proper long runs (double figures).

26 miles for the week so not too bad considering my new found fair-weather running tendencies.

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Monday began the week once more. Such a week-start hogger. The weather forecast was a complete lie as usual. I didn’t run in the morning as it was wet, windy, cold and hideous but the forecast said it would have dried up by evening. It had not. It was still wet, windy, cold and hideous and now also dark. Also it was a Steve session which, historically, have always been the hardest. However he seems to have become less evil recently and thus it was today.

The bonus of a Steve session. No typing required

Nothing particular to say about this session. The weather was horrible, I ran just about acceptably.

I rested on Tuesday. I was going to do Tom’s session in the evening but the weather was too windy, wet and cold again. I’m not usually a fair weather runner but I couldn’t see how flogging myself to death in a freezing, wet hurricane would be beneficial. Especially as I’d just done it on Monday evening.

Because I’d rested on Tuesday I felt that I could give a treadmill session a good go. I had a free go at Underground Gym to use so this seemed like a good opportunity. After 15 minutes warmup I embarked upon 5 times 1k at 14.5kmph, which is 4.08 per k or 6.40 minute miling. 3 minutes walk recovery as I’m very off my best so this was plenty fast enough. One of my best sessions for ages.

I went to vibe in the evening as a gentle recovery limb loosener.

On Thursday it was back to The Circle for my, now alternate-weekly, BODYPUMP™️ class with Rick. Other than my legs feeling a little tired the class proceeded as normal. I was expecting it to be a lot worse.

Worse arrived on Friday. I went to the CXWORX™️ class in the morning so I could see if it would be better than the abs class I went to last week (though it wouldn’t really tell me anything as last week’s class was being covered). It was so hard! Which no doubt means I need to do it. Resistance bands are the spawn of the devil. I could have stayed for the second class but I’d had enough by then. I exited The Circle to come face to face with a seagull with its head deep within a freshly-culled pigeon’s stomach. As it pulled its head out, blood-smeared, it have me a triumphant look. An omen if ever there were one.

Once I got home death set in. Absolutely wiped out. All my plans for the weekend went out of the window. Obviously only running plans. I never go out or anything. I had a reprieve this morning (Sunday) where I felt relatively alive again but now (3pm) I’m exhausted again. Though it could be the crash following eating 7 viscount biscuits.

A paltry 15 miles for the week.

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